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Interview With The Founder of CD Baby

Although every struggling songwriter and musician are listing their music on CD BABY a very few go the extra distance to actually sell a lot. The founder of CD BABY Derek Sivers offers some truly inside tips on how to break that huge wall between selling to a few friends…

You Have What You Need To Suceed

All you need is a laptop and you can start recording the hits you need to succeed. No more excuses . You could get a half decent laptop used for 30 bucks. You can get the recording software for free. And you can download effects to make everything sound great.…


  What a concept .   Be Prepared.  It is so important .  Now that anybody can record anything in their bedroom there is an ocean of muck to wade through.  Which calls on you, the creator, to be better than ever.  To be more honest.  To be more fun.  To…